SUPERFUZZ pt.1: Guyatone TZ2 'The Fuzz'

Guyatone TZ2 'The Fuzz'

Guyatone - rather cheekily - describe the TZ2 as a multi-effect pedal. They say it is a distortion, octavia and ring modulator.

That's quite a claim for a pedal which on first inspection - with just two controls and one switch - appears to be a very simple effect; nothing more than a retro-but-aggressive-sounding fuzz - Guyatone make no secret of the fact that the TZ2 is based on the old Univox Superfuzz.

The octavia and kind-of-ring modulation effects are largely dependent on how, where and what you play on the guitar; the upper octave effect is most prominent when playing single notes above the 12th fret, the ring modulation effect comes to the fore when playing certain chords/intervals.

The TZ2 has a fairly wide gain range and can go from quite a low gain, dynamic distortion/fuzz to full throttle, pounding fuzz. It has a really beefy low-end; perhaps at times there is a little too much bass. There is a looseness and sloppiness but I don't mind too much - it suits the way I play guitar! There are no on-board tone controls, but the pedal responds very well to pickup changes and adjustments to your guitar's volume and tone.

Despite the simplicity of the pedal, it is possible to coax a wide range of sounds from it... including old-school fuzz (perfect for power chord riffs), clangorous noise and very synth-like, searing leads and single-note runs.

I really like it. The TZ2 may well be housed in a teeny-tiny, cute, orange casing that looks like a toy, but it has the heart of a raging monster inside!

* * * Notes about the video * * *

Gear used:
  • Guitar - Epiphone Casino
  • Recording set-up - Award-Session JD10 as a preamp (DI'd) through a Palmer PDI-09. Recorded to Cubase on PC (via a MOTU audio interface) with no additional processing.