Guyatone Crossover Box Auto Wah | Filter

Guyatone PS-104 Crossover Box
Auto Wah | Filter
Auto Wahs. Fun though they are, I've never really had much use for them. I picked this up a while ago quite simply because it's a Guyatone pedal (which I like) and they're fairly uncommon; I may not have had another chance to try one out for years... or at all.

This is one of Guyatone's earliest PS-Series pedals, which were first made in the late 70s according to my sources. Production ceased in 1980/81 when Guyatone brought out their first range of the more familiar, compact 'Effect Box' pedals (which included the PS-003 Compressor I reviewed a while back). This new range expanded over the following few years, with yet another - although not so drastic - cosmetic shift (see the PS-014 Dual Time Delay).

Most of the early Guyatone pedals (including this one) remained in production for a short time (some with slight changes) as part of Vox's 1900 Series.

  • Decay - Controls how long it takes for the filter to sweep back down after being triggered
  • Drive - Controls the sensitivity of the filter*

* * * Notes about the video * * *

Gear used:

  • Guitar - Epiphone Casino
  • Recording set-up - Award-Session JD10 as a preamp (DI'd) through a Palmer PDI-09. Recorded to Cubase on PC (via a MOTU audio interface) with no additional processing.