Danelectro Cool Cat and Tuna Melt

Danelectro CT-1 Cool Cat Tremolo
(Discofreq’s Effects Database page.)

Very simple and straightforward.

The Cool Cat Tremolo goes about its business in a very workmanlike way, offering a choice of two waveforms (hard or soft), with a decent range across its settings. Worth noting is that the Depth control is disabled (and fixed at 100%) in the (hard) square wave mode.

If you're only an occasional tremolo user, the CT-1 is still worth a look and it is very hard to beat on price.

Some people don't like the aesthetics of the Cool Cat pedals, but I happen to think they're OK - they definitely look better in person than in pictures. Besides, the way a pedal looks should be way down your list of priorities!

Danelectro DJ-5 Tuna Melt Tremolo
(Discofreq’s Effects Database page.)

Essentially the same in features and performance as the Cool Cat Tremolo. Some people complain about the small, fiddly controls, and that it's hard to see where the controls are set; neither are complaints that I share.

So, like the Cool Cat - and reliability worries aside (see below) - this remains a good choice for those with occasional tremolo needs, or who don't need a feature-laden pedal. The low price makes it an even more attractive proposition.

Reliability worries?

Detractors often comment upon the plastic (part of the) casing, but, in my experience, these pedals should hold up just fine so long as they are treated with respect.

My main concern (long-term) would be with regards to the PCB-mounted jacks. Over time - for a variety of reasons - it is possible that the jacks will develop problems. These problems are easily fixed, but will still be an unwelcome inconvenience for many guitarists.

While I would say there is very little between the Cool Cat and Tuna Melt pedals, I would perhaps lean towards the Cool Cat as the better option if given a straight choice. Just because the extra ruggedness afforded by the all-metal enclosure and chassis-mounted jacks would give me more confidence in its longevity.